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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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are still up in the air. >> denver plans to crack down on the homeless and their belongings. >> a dog breeder is under investigation by the usda after undercover video appears to show abuse.
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a man's body was found this afternoon by two fishermen at main reservoir in lakewood. they were near the dock when they spotted the body floating in the water. they left and called police. investigators say a man from the green mountain area was reported missing on february 10th. it's too early to tell if there's a connection. a faculty member of the colorado an shoes center was found dead. the campus is open and operating normally. mountain precipitation state-wide was the lowest in 30 years for february. the combined san miguel, delores, anny mass and san juan
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state-wide it was only slightly better at 56% of normal. an expert says there's no need to worry yet, but if this dry trend continues into april, there's concern. ahead of the storm we've been talking about that will arrive on monday, that is what kathy sabine is telling us. how are you doing today? >> we see long range changes in the weather pattern that should bring beneficial moisture to colorado. hard to believe we managed mid- 60s today, with that extensive cloud cover and wind, but it is actually pretty nice out there. 65 downtown. 60 in parker. temperatures running 15 degrees warmer than average. the winds have let up a bit. gusty out of the south- southwest, lowering the
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the fire danger and winds we'll be monitoring as well as high pressure shifts in response to a california storm that will bring rain and snow to the high country as early as tomorrow. as a result, a winter weather advisory for the high country tomorrow through monday for the potential for about 4 to 8 inches of snow at many of your favorite resorts. winter weather and travel advisories already up in utah, california, where there's the threat of flooding, believe it or not. they're experiencing a severe drought, so the rain, though too much of a good thing, is welcome at this point. hasn't created issues yet. heavy snows in the sierra and high wind advisories for northern california. quieter in the northeast for a change. in colorado we're dealing with cloud cover, bit of wind to the west. but not a bad weekend in march. i know we were hoping for more sunshine today. we could use moisture and that's on its way. the winds have laid down a little bit. we'll look for temperatures to continue in the mid-60s between now and 7:00.
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about the warm ahead of monday's storm. everybody talking about it, are we going to see a record high in march? that would be crazy, but crazier things have happened this month. >> chamber weather as they say. >> that's exactly right. >> feels like spring already. >> it does. >> thank you so much. as downtown denver continues to expand, seems like the homeless population is becoming more visible, their personal items cluttering the sidewalks, sometimes making it difficult to even pass. the city will begin removing population does not. >> reporter: it's not most people's idea of a good home. >> i feel safe. i like the trees. bad. >> reporter: for jerry, this lot is prime real estate. >> excuse the mess today, it's a saturday and i'm relaxed.
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that makes up his home may be gone, and it will have been taken little legally. the city is warning the homeless they can't leave their stuff on the sidewalk, and if they ignore the warning, the city can confiscate them. >> this is not an easy situation and we want to do everything we can to preserve any important documents or electronic devices, things like that, that someone would be rightfully upset if they lost. >> reporter: jerry may have an easier time a few blocks away outside the homeless shelters. but he's been fighting the city on the camping ban for a while. >> this is not camping, it's survival. >> reporter: he expects the enforceed ordinance will bring a bigger fight. >> with this new ordinance, i don't know. might be a lot of people going
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right to commandeer your stuff. >> reporter: the colorado coalition for the homeless says issues. >> we need to expand quality, safe housing opportunities. >> reporter: the president believes this move will continue to push the homeless into neighborhoods. >> the city's action in criminalizing homelessness is not the solution. it's counterproductive, it's costly, and ultimately won't solve the problem. >> reporter: to the homeless this is part of a bigger issue. >> when you take the person's stuff and throw it away, you basically telling that person you're not worth even having it. >> reporter: they feel they're being pushed out of their makeshift downtown homes by sky laws. leave the city. >> the city will begin posting notices in some of the most tuesday. new surveillance video shows the suspects who allegedly broke into two
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the break-ins happened at best colorado meds and options medical center in wheat ridge friday morning. the first video shows the suspects without their masks on. a second video shows them return, one wearing a monkey masks. they break the glass and take various items. police believe the same people were involved in both break- ins. anyone with information is asked to contact the wheat ridge police department. two people have been booked in the larimer county jail following a high speed chase early this morning. jessica and gilbert padilla were spotted leaving the econo lodge in fort collins. when deputies tried to pull them over they took off. the chase hit almost 100 miles per hour. according to the sheriff's office, the couple threw items out of the window.
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they were stopped in a pit maneuver. it's not only people who want to move to colorado, six tigers, two jaguars, two lions and a leopard were brought here yesterday from mexico. it's where they were held captive in cages neglected and abused. they'll make a new home at the wild animal sanctuary in kingsburg. it houses more than 400 animals. a breeder who sold dogs to coloradians is currently under investigation after an undercover video surfaceed. that video shows deplorable conditions that likely caused health problems for the animals. >> reporter: the new mexico breeder is under investigation by the u.s. department of agriculture and until we learn the outcome we're not identifying the breeder or use the company name. a lot of rescues in colorado
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breeder, but for reasons they say are alarming. >> i'm with a rescue that helps airedale terrier. >> reporter: her love for the breed has kept her working for years. >> the best way to describe it is they are different. >> reporter: different in a haunting way. >> they are paralyzed by near, some -- fear, some of them. unsocializeed. >> reporter: this is undercover video shot by an animal rights nonprofit. >> discovered what was horrific conditions. >> reporter: it shows the mated dogs out door with no shelter. >> gets down at 15 degrees at least half the year. >> reporter: from the water,
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>> it's one of the worst puppy mills i've seen. >> reporter: the rescuers say their dogs ended up with autoimmune diseases. >> those poor innocent souls, they don't deserve that. >> reporter: a reminder for anyone thinking about buying from a breeder. >> buying from a home. >> the breeder was investigated twice, once in december and this month. this month colorado voters could decide on whether to ease a tax revenue cap on the state government. tabor was voted in 1992 as a way to limit the growth of government. under the mandates, the state must send out tax refunds when revenue elevation -- backers will have to gather 98,000
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on the ballot. five states are weighing in on who they want to see run for president. >> ahead, the results are trickling in as candidates continue their campaign for votes.
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the name is different, but the goal is the same, ending breast cancer. >> today in frisco thousands in pink snapped on their snow shoes and dressed up in their most creative costumes. for years the race is called romp to stop. it's raised more than a million dollars to fight breast cancer, a tradition the new organizers say will continue. >> all the money raised goes to fight breast cancer, for treatment, screening, diagnostics all in the 22 service counties of colorado. >> they warmed up with their best moves, and they snow shoeed in a 3 k or 5k. there was a little stomper dash for the kiddos. >> having fun for a good cause. 24 cancer patients from children's colorado took a trip to the rockies spring training
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thanks to former short stop troy tulowitzki. this marks the fourth year he has paid for the training trip. >> another story that i love. >> having fun out there. >> absolutely. the iditarod rolls on in alaska, despite a lack of snow there. >> also, cameras are rolling as a dog is rescued from an icy
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the ceremonial start of the iditarod was shorter than usual due to warm weather and a lack of snow. the teams glideed through just 3 miles. typically the course is 11 miles. officials had to truck in snow by train earlier this week. 85 competitors will race nearly 5,000 miles starting tomorrow over the course of nine days. tense moments during an animal rescue. a dog fell through thin ice in new hampshire. it was rescued with the help of a row boat. you can see the head of the dog peeking out of the water as firefighters tried to reach him. two other firefighters were on shore and used rope to pull the boat back to shore.
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and helped warm him up and glad to report the latest word on that pooch is he's doing very well. >> i know. thank you, thank you. he's like, thank you for getting us out. the frozen ponds, we haven't had that issue recently. it's been so warm, unseasonably warm. >> that's right. something to think about, it really is this time of year when we get these sporadic cold fronts that come in with a little bit of cold air, little bit of ice and snow, it's always best to be careful. i'm amazeed how they rescue the dog and don't capsize the boat. those guys are amazing. less wind and in spite of cloud cover, it's mild. mostly cloudy afternoon. up in the high country it's been so pretty, that's where we're finding all the winter weather. you may be asking yourself where is the snow in denver? coming off of kind of above average february, we're above average by about 4 inches of
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the year to almost a high. march is typically one of our snowiest month and we've had barely snow or cold to speak of. it won't last. march and april tend to be our active weather months. for now we're enjoying a warming trend. 70 in lamar. 46 leadville and 66 in grand junction. we'll be in the 70s tomorrow, but not a record breaker. currently at dia, 54 degrees. winds calm here in the back yard outside the studios, and skies are starting to clear above my head. you can see that extensive high and mid-level cloud cover coming in ahead of a powerful california storm bringing beneficial rain. we just hope not too much at once.
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a series of short waves ahead of it. tomorrow will be dry for denver, front range and central plains. in the high country, rain will develop early in the day. the heaviest rain off to the west of us and it's heavy snow in the sierras, they'll be measuring the snow in feet there. this is welcome there in a state that's been dealing with extreme drought for several years. a lot of the moisture over the top of the ridge, which is beginning to shift. mid-70s for tulsa and dallas. low 70s in denver. colder air will follow this front through. tonight we watch as the cloud cover moves in, moves out. tomorrow we have a mix of clouds and sunshine. lower elevations are dry, little windy west of town again. but it's in the southern mountains we see the rain and snow first. all snow on i-70 late in the day. may be a factor traveling that i-70 corridor after a great mountain weekend. with the winter weather and travel advisories going out
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concern for high fire danger also for portions of kansas as well. with this high cloud deck, low temperatures, 30s, some 40s on the map. rebound tomorrow. a warm day, 80 lamar. 70 denver. 73 akron. different west of the continental divide. tomorrow. mid-50s in the foothills. less wind tonight. 39 the overnight low. as far as cloud cover tomorrow, warmer, low 70s along the front range with hopefully less wind for at least the first part of the day. as the system rolls in the winds will increase again. all rain monday, snow in the foothills. clearing tuesday, 60s wednesday. back to the 70s by the end of next week. crazy, a week from tomorrow we're talking about daylight saving times, we push the clocks forward an hour, lose an
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send in your weather pictures, if you get a sunset shot tonight or any great picture of the area. perhaps you are enjoying the buffalo in genesee. have you been out to see the buffalo yet? >> i haven't, but i've been to a lot of places around the area, and it's just so much fun to see. >> he's wasted no time getting to know our beautiful state. >> i've been to a lot of places. at least in denver no rain. >> we'll make a list for you. >> i'm ready to go. >> thanks. the world is full of a bunch of strange combinations that work great together. peanut butter and jelly, comic books and movies, pizza and beer. but in leadville thousands are watching another great combination. [ cheers ]
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every year with thousands lining main street to watch the skiers being pulled behind fast running race horses traveling around 40 miles per hour. you can tell from some of these crashes it's hard enough to stay up, but then skiers also have to fly off jumps and try to spear rings along the course. it is a rush that some riders and skiers have been doing for decades. >> that looks like a lot of fun. >> get the race horses usually retired off the track. horses come in nostrils flaring, i've never ridden, but from the skier's perspective, it's a rush. >> kids got a chance to get their start behind snowmobiles. i would be all about that. >> i don't think the horses will want to go slow. i think they're just going to take off. >> i would have all the pads,
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>> getting draged on the ground. >> at least i tried it, with war wounds. the broncos make a big offer to qb brock osweiler. >> the remaining candidates are campaigning hard as five states hold their primaries for
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just one day after it became public amazon removed the option for encrypting its fire tablet, the company is reversing course. they dropped encryption from its devices last fall because few users were taking advantage of it. the removal was made public just as amazon threw its support behind apple over a fight over an encrypted iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. ted cruz is chasing donald trump. all the republican candidates are using different strategies to take on trump. >> reporter: nbc news projects that senator ted cruz has won the gop caucus in kansas.
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>> reporter: the first saturday in march, voters are going to the polls in five states, louisiana, kansas, kentucky, maine and nebraska. for republicans it's the first romney's attack. in kansas, trump fired back. >> they made a tremendous mistake when you chose mitt romney four years ago. candidate. no energy, no life. he was a stiff. >> reporter: marco rubio kept up his attack on trump, criticizing him for skipping an annual gathering of conservatives in washington, implying trump isn't one. >> this is the american conservative union. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich still refuses to engage in the war of insults, focusing instead on the one prize that could breathe new life into his bid.
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create a new ball game. >> reporter: democrats tried to draw distinction between the tone of their fight and the republicans. >> what we're seeing in the republican presidential process is like a 6th grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria. >> reporter: former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife in michigan compared the last republican debate to a 6th grade school yard fight. presidential campaign unlike any other, rolling uncensored. >> clinton will take the center stage of the democratic debate in flint, michigan. talking peanut allergies. >> they're growing. big problem in the u.s. >> coming up, the unconventional wisdom that
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problem of dangerous peanut
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in the battle against a growing problem of dangerous peanut allergies in children. new research could give new hope to parents of high risk kids. it found exposing children early, very early on, may help them avoid the allergies altogether. erica hill has details on this new approach. >> here you go. >> reporter: 3-year-old cole was born with a high risk for peanut allergy. instead of keeping peanuts out of his diet -- >> you like those? >> reporter: his father, an allergist introduced them when he was 6 months old. >> there was no scientific evidence how to introduce peanuts to him. i decided we may give it to him. >> reporter: it was the same approach they took with older son calvin, now six. for years conventional wisdom was high risk children should avoid peanuts before the age of 2. >> how about one more? >> reporter: now research is finding what this family
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>> 80% reduction in peanut allergy in individual infants and babies that were exposed to peanuts early on this life. so that's very revolutionary. >> reporter: two new studies published in the new england journal of medicine further support the thinking. the first found most high risk children who regularly consumed peanuts from the age of four months until age five remained allergy free even after year. in a second study researchers found exposure to other foods at a young age, including eggs, yogurt, sesame and white fish, could also protect against allergies. >> very exciting to think we can have an approach on preventing allergies, particularly food allergies. we're not there yet. >> reporter: experts recommend consulting with your physician before introducing potential allergens at home. they're confident early
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neither has developed a peanut allergy. >> as a father it made me feel good i did probably the right thing. the zika virus impacting pregnant women across latin america and carribean has no cure, but health officials have set their sights on a vaccine to treat it. a new study published yesterday showed the virus could be the cause of several different birth defects. the fetus could be affected during any stage of pregnancy. today the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases spoke. >> vaccines take a longer period of time, but we're on a fast track and hope to get to a human trial the end of the summer, beginning of the fall. it's called phase one trial. you have to first show it's safe and induces the kind of
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would be protective. >> that doctor is calling the new study alarming because it's the first one to provide very strong evidence that zika can cause many birth defects. a rapper was shot and killed outside a recording studio in atlanta. the 28-year-old known as bank roll fresh was found shot outside a studio last night. he was known for his single, white boy, and walked in. there were at least 50 shell casings on the ground. police haven't released information about the suspect, but say several vehicles were seen leaving the area around the time of the shooting. a man who landed a gyro copter outside the u.s. capital last spring, was seconds from colliding with a delta flight. he flew his aircraft almost directly into the path of a passenger filled jet. the man from florida is set to be sentenced next month. prosecutors are asking for 10 months in prison.
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team and a drone will be used in the search for a broom field treasure hunter who has been missing two months now. he set out in january to search for jewels and artifacts buried in the mountains of new mexico. he's been missing since january, but his dogs were found northwest of santa fe. volunteers are leading the search efforts, but authorities called off the official search, citing a lack of evidence to point them in the right direction. all week we've been featuring our state's national parks. tonight you can join us for an hour long special, this land rediscovering colorado's national parks, it begins at 9:00 p.m. here on 9news, and it will reair sunday night at 9:30 on channel 20.
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to call 911 if she was ever in trouble. >> turns out she may have taught her daughter a little too well ahead of the minor
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a u.s. coalition aircraft made an emergency landing today in a field in northern iraq. it landed because of a technical failure. no one was hurt. u.s. and kurdish soldiers guarded the landing site while truck with a crane. a baseball stadium in cuba is preparing for a game with a historic guest. the tampa bay rays will take on march 22nd. president obama will be among the fans. it is the first time a sitting u.s. president will be in the country in nearly 70 years. the stadium which was built in 1946 will get a fresh coat of paint and some much needed repairs. the president is scheduled for a two day visit. a 2-year-old in south carolina took advice to call 911 in case of an emergency too seriously.
5:41 pm
county sheriff's office asking for help getting dressed. the deputy that responded says she met the girl at the front door where she couldn't quite get her pants on. she helped the girl with her wardrobe malfunction. the girl's mom was surprised how closely she took the advice. >> i always told her to call 911 if she needed help. >> after the pants issue was solved, the sheriff's office says she wished everyone was glad to see the girl was, everything was working out okay. >> she knows what to do. >> knows what to do. okay, got pants on. crisis averted. >> and the police officer gave her a hug. all good. >> no one was mad. switching gears, checking in with kathy. >> it's nice out there. no rain. sun didn't shine, but nice day. >> despite of the cloud cover,
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winds have died down a bit. good afternoon to go for a hike at rocky mountain national park. beautiful scenery over the weekend and this past week. remember, send in your weather pictures of your weekend adventures. if we can, we will put those on air. how about mid-60s still at the 5:00 hour? typically highs close to 50. thankfully the winds aren't a big player now. gusty out of the south for much of the afternoon. lowering humidity values and increasing the fire danger. in the high country they're bracing for snow. much needed snow as a winter weather advisory will go out tomorrow for 4 to 8 inches of snow. freshen up the snow level. out west a big storm system coming onshore in california. they've been suffering through an extensive drought and this is a lot of rain coming at once. all snow in the sierras and that's part of the system coming here. in the east a few light travel delays with rain and snow
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here in denver with clearing skies, a beautiful night. temperatures between now and 7:00 i think between 65 and dropping into the mid-50s. that's probably what we'll see. it will be a dry day coming up tomorrow. changes for the high country by midday. maybe looking at rain and snow coming home from the high country after about 2:00. 39 in the city tonight. breezy, cool and dry. tomorrow we'll look for temperatures warmer, low 70s are possible. mix of clouds and sunshine. hopefully less wind the first half of the day. ahead of a system that will bring a few rain showers to denver monday. rain could mix with snow in the foothills. watch the numbers jump back into the 60s mid-week, and 70s in the forecast by it looks like friday. really, how about daylight saving time, doesn't it seem like all of a sudden here it is? caught me offguard. >> i think because we've had warm temperatures, the fact winter is wrapping up, it's coming too early. >> exactly. but don't give up on winter
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we talked about this yesterday. march and april can surprise you. >> i had a feeling something big is going to come when we least expect it. >> if you can predict the future, will you call me? ball. >> i will use your help. >> you got it. former rockies shortstop tulowitzki made comments this week that ruffleed some feathers. >> here's this week's sports a to z. >> sam, article came out the other day and apparently ripped any good feeling tulowitzki and the rockies had about each other. he basically said the rockies
5:45 pm
didn't really enjoy playing in their spring training complex and in colorado there was so much pressure. sour grapes or some truth? >> maybe there is truth from his side. i'm looking at a guy who got traded from a team averaged 93 losses per season for the last five years to a team that just played in the american league championship. i would just say, hey, you know what, didn't end the way i'd like -- >> but move on. >> move on. do you know what i think it is? he got tired of losing. the losing wore on him, wore on him, wore on him, until everything that he looks at now at his experience in colorado is negative. i say, i understand that. if you're a competitive person, how can you play in this environment year after year after year, but still have the right attitude. >> but, and i'm not blaming him, but we hear him voicing
5:46 pm
>> that's the thing that bothers me about this now. >> would you want him to have voiced his displeasure? >> i would like to have heard more. this is a guy, his first full season, rockies go to the world series. did little to build around him. we know what they need, they need pitching. they didn't get the necessary pieces to keep that momentum going. it just went down. had one playoff year, i think 2009, then it went down. he just didn't say anything. >> i think he didn't say anything because my sense of leader. he didn't feel comfortable saying those things and putting all the heat on himself. saying that, can you understand how he feels about the rockies? i do. how is arenado going to feel in about four years? >> like he felt three years previous. best third base man in the game
5:47 pm
not being built around. >> exactly. no one enjoys losing year in and year out. explain to me what the rockies' mentality is? >> if we can get 30,000 to 35,000 people a game, we're fine. >> bullseye. >> that's all they care about. >> bullseye. they along with the phillies and braves are the three teams that might lose 100 games. welcome to spring training. >> maybe they should lower the mound so low the ball can't get to the plate and the other team can't average eight, 9 runs a game. we have on purple and talking about the rockies. i'm a.
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the broncos are trying to
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their offer to the quarterback, more than $45 million for three years. peyton manning will become a former bronco at some point this week, so that money which would have been $19 million is headed brock's way, they hope. there are several other teams interested in osweiler. none of those teams are as good as the broncos should be. osweiler was the 12th ranked passer the seven weeks he started. nine touchdowns, five interceptions and nearly 2,000 yards. he won five of his seven starts. to hockey, the av's had two games against the red wings. zero fights. against nashville today, three fights. they were angry today. in the second period, a heavy
5:51 pm
mccloud and gossett who stands 65'" and 220. av's won the ball, but not the game. gave up four in the 3rd. mike fisher with the game winner. av's lose 5-2 as they fall further behind the wild for that final playoff spot. >> i mean, 15 games left. we know it's crunch time and we got to go and win games. but like i said, we're not going to sit around and pout. we're going to rest up and get back. high school hockey, state championship between regis and monarch. monarch's fourth straight appearance in the title game. 0-4. regis got them this afternoon 6-1. hockey and basketball tomorrow morning. the defending national champions are still unbeaten in lacrosse. du and north carolina in an instant classic. we pick it up with du down 1
5:52 pm
less than 10 seconds left, when zack miller plays hero, 9 .8 left. his fourth goal on the day, and we've got free lacrosse. more drama in overtime. unc never got a touch. pioneers won the faceoff. du wins 13-12. that is their 18th straight victory. to basketball, cu wraps up their wreck season tonight in utah. csu and air force hooped it up earlier today. csu won on senior day. up next, the mountain west tourney in las vegas. mixed martial arts get together in greeley next saturday, and brian foster is in it. he's been fighting for 10 years now.
5:53 pm
someone he'll never be able to replace. >> reporter: he remembers. >> most tragic thing i've ever been through. >> reporter: memory is all he has now. >> me and my brother and a couple of friends took a hiking trip up to a normal spot we usually go to as kids. been going there our entire life. he was just chilling on the rocks one day, and the rocks gave and he went with them. >> reporter: a fluke climbing accident and brian foster's brother and best friend was dead at 20 years old. >> i wanted to channel my negative energy, i wanted to be able to do something positive with it. >> reporter: foster got involved with mixed martial arts. ten years later, he's had a successful career and now has a shot at the world series of fighting light weight championship next saturday in the state he lives and trains in. ten years, and he's carried his brother brandon the whole way. >> something about seeing his face, about seeing his smile, just reminds me of his words, his voice.
5:54 pm
every fight so i can see his face. >> reporter: brian needs to remember his brother. >> as long as they live in your heart and mind, they still exist. >> reporter: he'll be there next week, brandon is at every bought -- bout. >> i feel like i'm doing something he'd appreciate and would be proud of. >> reporter: he fights to keep his brother's memory alive, and a championship victory next weekend in greeley would be one to remember. >> thank you. we finish with swimming. when missy franklin swims you have to show it on tv and especially when she wins today.
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they look good on you.
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